Nurse Costume and ER Accessories

    Nurse costume and accessories for the naughty minded patient. Naughty nurse costume for those special exams. Nurse costume to keep recovery interesting. Curvacious nurses attend the afflicted with playful bedside manner. Emergency room efficiency to soothe the aching souls of humanity. Recovery and elective surgery was never so much fun. Hospital scrubs and ER Doctors are all in a days work. Nursing education, regulation, roles, and titles vary in different countries, but in general reflect an increasing level of responsibility and status. The nursing career structure does not vary throughout the world. Typically there are several distinct levels of nursing practitioner distinguished by increasing education, responsibility, and skills. The major distinction is between task based nursing and professional nursing. Modern definitions of nursing define it as a science and an art that focuses on promoting quality of life as defined by persons and families, throughout their life experiences from birth to care at the end of life. Nursing comes in various forms in every culture, although the definition of the term and the practice of nursing has changed greatly over time. Nursing has continued to develop in this latter sense, although the idea of nourishing in the broadest sense refers in modern nursing to promoting quality of life. Nurse Costumes and costume accessories to add a little zest to your bedside manner.

Nurse Costume

Coronary inducing low cut zippered mini
dress. Put afew more patients in the ER
with this one. Matching hat, apron and
off the shoulder vinyl dress included.

Small (34S) $49

Large (34L) $49

Nurse Costume

nun costumes

Naughty Nurse Costume

Collared wrap dress with apron and hat.
Economy cotton poly blend mini dress to
practice your bed side manner.

One Size (8002) $24

Sexy Nurse Costume

Heart stopping vinyl zippered mini dress
with a lace up front. No need for a fast
recovery at this hospital. Matching hat
and sexy collared dress included.

One Size (53668) $29

Nurse Costume

nurse costume

Emergency Room

Crash cart zippered front and open
back for painless extractions. Figure
hugging stretch satin and revealing
bust line with 'Head Nurse' hat and
stethoscope included.

Small (2214S) $56
Med. (2214M) $56
Lrg. (2214L) $56

White Thigh Highs (6672W) $6

ER Accessories

Stethoscopes and surgical instruments
to complete your hospital rounds.

Nurse Hat (21127) $5

Stehtoscope (36007) $8

Dr. Set (7157) $8

Dr. Headpiece (52716) $3

Hypo Needle, Jumbo (7365) $5

Extraction Pliers, Jumbo (7366) $6

Thermometer, Jumbo (7366) $6

Blood Gel Tube (13223) $3


nurse costume

Straight Jacket
"Doctor, Doctor give me the news. I got
a bad case of lovin' you." Put away that
stalking list and come with us now.

One Size (3071) $29

Lab Coats
Authentic vintage white lab coats. Long
cotton for late night lab work and short
lab coats for orderlies, dentists and far
out lab assistants. Next patient please.

Long White (880L) $18

Short White (880S) $12

Hospital Gown

Full cotton ward gown for that
freshly escaped look.

Bellevue (2226) $28

nurse costume

Authentic vintage scrubs from real hospitals.
Some have the hospital markings and names.
When pairs are ordered we will try and match
colors as closely as possible. Also extremely comfortable for pajamas.                                


Hospital ER Scrubs

Med. Scrub Shirt (300M) $10

Lg. Scrub Shirt (300L) $12

XLg. Scrub Shirt (300X) $14

Med. Scrub Pants (882M) $10

Lg. Scrub Pants (882L) $12

XLg. Scrub Pants (882X) $14

Surgical Mask, Cloth (210) $3

Nurse Hoisery

Sexy stockings that complete your
nurse costume from head to toe.

Economy Fishnet Thigh Highs
Black O/S (9112B) $6
White O/S (9112W) $6

Seamed Thi-Hi with Lycra
Black O/S (9035B) $12
White O/S (9035W) $12

Opaque Thi-Hi
Black O/S (6672B) $6
White O/S (6672W) $6

Lycra Thi-Hi
Black O/S (9858B) $11
White O/S (9858W) $11

Fishnet Tights

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